Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crushes and loves felt way easier in my early 20's when I still felt enthusiast about exploring what the other person liked. Checking out their favorite bands and them mine instead of being the crotchety old woman I am now and being all like nah i pretty much only wanna listen to pink floyd. ;)

Age 24  I grew poor enough to, for the first time, sift through and sell a major portion of my record collection. I remember pulling records out and chuckling "heh, oh riiight" and a name  or a day would flash in my head as I moved them quickly into the SELL pile. Rid myself of 100+ records in twenty minutes. That day, I promised myself to stop buying records I just thought were cool or to impress someone. Some, I genuinely liked but realized with time only really liked cause I wanted someone to like me. And shifted to only buyings albums I knew I would listen to a million times, and most importantly, for years to come.

Now, I have a record collection I love, filled with all my favorite things, some cooler than others. That is a Killers joke. Maybe I've hardened and my ears judge to soon and im not as spongey as people like or maybe after all these years I've narrowed down to whats just me, and ya know, I just dont like daft punk and I just dont care for most 80s sounding syth pop and I bet you don't like neurosis. Who cares. Judging people intensely on music is a pretty pretentious shallow way to be anyways.

I'll be honest it used to be how I'd pick em', shoes and music, thats what I cared about in a man. 
I would be like uh uh not with those shoes or uh you listen to what, gross! 

Now I think amy you were such an idiot and when a guy is like whatever I like this and i wear these and i can laugh and roll my eyes and they can laugh and roll their eyes at me, that, my friends, is where its at.

BUT if you dont like Bob Dylan, you probably just don't have a heart so, get out.

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