Friday, January 2, 2009


so new years happened. thats about all i have to say about it here.
last night claire danes and dasha played at my house. both of those bands are really great. like really great. trevor ryan and i walked to the bug jar. it started off as a pretty slow sad night. but it ended up being pretty fun. i bought everyone drinks and mostly expensive whiskey. my tab? 46.50 yikes. on the walk home and i was a jerk and feel terrible about it. when we got back to my house mike, tim, colleen, eric, trevor and i all sat on the couch and just talked and laugh for a while. everyone disappeared one by one until it was just eric and i. i went upstairs to find a heap of blanket at the end of my bed that was trevor passed out. i should have got a picture of it, it was pretty funny.

i had the most horrible dream last night. kind of the same ones i have been having for a the past week or so. you can suppress your fears all you want when you are awake but they come at you twice as hard when you close your eyes.
this one though, i saw a glimpse of the monster i'm becoming.