Wednesday, November 25, 2009


i am in berlin. it reminds me of rochester here, just much bigger, which is creating a sad sense of nostalgia that is not helping with the wave of blue washing over me today. i would really rather be anywhere but here, no, i would really rather just be back in the states, which, i do not like to admit because i am in berlin and i should be making the most of it. truth be told i am burnt out on it all. every person i see and every word spoken annoys me. i need a tiny bit of space to recharge but i cant get it. i haven't gotten it for days. weeks. i'm sitting here, uploading photographs to my tumblr and ive been asked four times what my plans are for today. if you know anything about me, you would know how much this sort of question would peeve me in a normal context. today it is just making me feel insane. am i supposed to have some sort of itinerary ready to ramble off? i dont have a plan, maybe i just wanna sit here and do nothing the entire day and not go outside and not interact with a foreign place and not try to speak to foreign tongues, and not not understand signs or not not have any idea where i am going and not walk in the rain for just ONE day.

but you cant say that to people you dont know, to people who are trying to make your stay in europe good for you. they dont understand youve been doing this for 25 days already and youve answered all those same questions multiple times a day for 25 days and havent had a door of your own to close for 25 days.

i'm going back to rome early tomorrow and in eight days, i fly home.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


as to complete my internet circle of connection,
this is the link to my current photo blog from my travels:


enjoy, and you should see the bust with glasses pictures cause i think they are funny
(unless you will get mad at me for single-handedly destroying all of art history, then dont go back to page 6 or so)

and since i dont write in here much these days
be well,
amy lula