Saturday, December 19, 2009


i am almost twenty four. i have been saying this for weeks now but still never seems to ring true in my mind. i can't believe it. twenty three is almost over. twenty three, the year i've been looking forward to since i can't even remember has less than four days left. so crazy. my roommates and i sat in our new sunporch today, next to our christmas tree with snow falling outside the windows all around us. we sat discussing how our years went. kate and alan said awful. i was the only one that could honestly say that my year has been pretty great, it may have started off as the worst year ever, but has come to live up to my year twenty-three hopes. i was so worried i would be depressed at the end of this year but i actually feel good. hell yeah.

new house, new roommates, looking for a new job. my life is changing dramatically right now but i feel like its getting more organized. i feel good. in check. plus i've had a really good couple of days, FUN days. the way home from hampden last week was so much fun, the other night the golden west after hours was so much fun, yesterday the tui video shoot was so much fun. today, trudging through the snow with jon and alan was so much fun. i have a crush on a guy that is reciprocal maybe and even if i don't act on it, this makes me feel good. Like faith restored, just when i was feeling like i never wanted to feel anything again."The type of boy who shows up to your work to surprise you with lunch." hell yeah.

my best friends are one by one moving closer to me but i miss the guts out of so many people still. i think i might go visit adam in california in january. but i also need to go to massachusetts and want to go to rochester that month too and i also want to be around maryland for some things. life needs to get closer together.

im flying to florida tomorrow too. life, hell yeah.