Thursday, October 31, 2013

So this. It feels nice to hear I love you everyday again. Sleep next to someone every night. Outside, My lips grin and say I love you back and then again to answer "yes, really", my eyes watch the rise and fall of your chest. My skin feels you pull me in and tightly wrap yourself around me, as if you cant get close enough, both hands inside yours that way we hold hands. My ears hear you tell me how much you missed certain parts of my body that youve still never been more attracted to anyone. Inside, I numb these senses, and keep a distance, I'm trying to protect my healing scars and not have them suddenly ripped back open. I'm operating somewhere between relief, disbelief and what the hell am I doing. Forgiving and forgetting don't come that easily, and Im not sure I've done either.
Completely tied in knots that maybe just need to be rubbed in and worked out.

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